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Products That
Embrace and Empower
Your Consumer, Not Your Ego

Web3 Products That
Embrace and Empower
Your Consumer, Not Your Ego

Don’t Build Siloed and Unsupported.

Meet Your Authentic Ally

Bold Product Initiatives.

Find Your Path from Version 1 through Promulgation Maturity

Isn’t It Time to Define Growth Initiatives? Implement a Bold and an Innovative Growth Plan?

It is in your future to design a compelling product experience for your customers? Let’s review all of your assets and alliances that support your product vision in the verified supporting market.

Our Remote CPO consulting brings the tested expertise of strategically scaling products from venture-backed startup, v1 through user adoption to promulgation maturity. Accomplished excellence in building and growing a product lines inside of a P&L environment. A focus on establishing feedback loops and unity with cross-functional departments.

With ambiguity, our consulting Remote CPO is an on demand resource that contributes meaningfully to initial Go-To-Market strategic drivers, sales enablement, or long-term challenges including analytics and team building.

A combined matrixed approach allows our proven IP approach to simplify and define an actionable roadmap Eager to pivot when needed.

A taste for blended traditional and cutting edge techniques. 

Isn’t It Time to Define Growth Initiatives? Implement a Bold and an Innovative Growth Plan?

It is in your future to design a compelling product experience for your user?


Uniquely As Your Authentic Ally

Your Remote CMO Guides You Through The Digital Universe in a pandemic era

Meet Your Authentic Ally

In Roadmapping Actionable strategic solutions to large CHALLENGES using Technology

The pandemic era has brought us an interesting and new economic environment where business and technology is rolling forward with momentum.

With innovation on the horizon the opportunity to explore marketing growth, startups and enterprise product solutions need honing.

Tools and technologies are ever-changing, therefore we don’t limit the tools that we use to build a successful digital/social/growth marketing stacks. Based in data and driven by a dynamic hands-on H.X.O. methodology your remote CMO assists you in this new economic and marketing shift. Ongoing active listening and an empathic approach to future users who become customers is our goal. We advise and enable you to pull credible information from several avenues within your brand.

Our combined matrixed approach allows our proven IP to simplify and define an actionable timeline for your marketing journey.

Unlike A Traditional CMO

We build tools for the digital universe. Being focused on end-to-end solutions, based recently on Product Marketing Growth Successes, BI Data, Research, UX we have found that a matrixed strategic approach has brought our clientele the most long-term successes. In all things Product, Growth, and Marketing/Social you cannot live siloed away from other emphasizes. You have to embrace a spatial awareness mindful mindset. This is implemented through our Core Offerings as well as our Concierge Consulting.


We have walked the walk, so we can talk the talk from experience

By the Data

  • 10 years in digital and product executive leadership corporate and enterprise digital/ social marketing
  • 12 years as a startup agency owner creates an opportunity to learn a lot about a plethora of clientele when the agency is focused on (Product, Data, Research, Development, HCI Research, Branding Lab, IXD) Developing apps, in a technical nature also creates a great learning environment.
  • Managing productivity of teams up to 50+ at a time grows your appreciation of a positive end result. Managing your own IP and implementing a clear methodology for long tail survival of new and old brands that you implement through your current clientele

You have to lived through the challenges of launching products, and defining your startup’s or enterprise’s unique position to reach your goals.

Products Launched

Startup & VC & Enterprise Clientele

Philanthropy Clients

Years Of Experience


Business Services Products

Our Most Popular Core Solutions Revolve Around

All Things Product

Develop to solve based upon what your customers actually need at that moment in time, not what an internal ego dictates.

Define your Positioning and Go To Market Strategy

Saas, APPs, & Plugins

AI and ML empower technologies to embrace their users. If your inital startup, funded, leans into creating a solution empathic to the end user or creates a healthier beneficial option then we are interested in helping with you.

Let’s Startup together! 

Data & BI Analyst

End – to – End
Lead Generation and Nuture solutions. Solid cycles bring in-depth growth to industries that are aware of who their final consumer is.

Decode data to reveal opportunity.

HCI / UX / UI Development

Building community around solutions is critical to many brands. If others find your solution the best solution to a common need then this should be cultivated.

Listen and Love.

Capitalism with an Empathic Mindful Elements

Get All Your Product Marketing Goals Clarified With Just One Team

Go from zero to hero.

The BBM Team is a cohesive unit of hands-on award winning individuals driven by defining success for our clientele. We follow a mantra that gives us the allowance to build, fail, and learn from our mistakes. We are talented enough to pivot strategies on the fly to the benefit of our clients.

We are your authentic ally 

Core Offerings and Frequent Concierge Consulting Focus

What You Get

Product Marketing

Launch Strategies

Integrations +Data +Design +Development

BI Analytics & Reporting

Product Management

Budgets & Finance

Research Analysis & Market Validation

Network Referrals

Experiential Research

Positioning & Messaging

Pitch Decks

Team Structure Building

"When we grow up we can be a B-Corp. For now, we will practice Mindful Capitalism."

– BBM Leadership.

"Learn, Listen, Build to embrace a growing knowledgable consumer."

BBM Mantra Point.

"H.X.O. Methodology - guides BBM to build for an ever changing consumer with more points of opportunity to adopt into our roadmap."

H.X.O. Methodology Core


Empathic Listening guides our approach to data discovery and developmental strategy.

H.X.O. Methodology Core 

I know that it’s going to be a solid solution because of the research

What I appreciate most about Elizabeth is that she is extremely thorough and diligent. If she comes up with a solution, I know that it’s going to be a solid solution because of the research that she puts into her work. It’s not anything that has to be questioned…and it’s important to have people on your team that you can trust. Elizabeth is always looking for ways to add value and she’s constantly learning so she can keep brining new ideas to the table. She’ll also genuine, direct and to the point, which saves a lot of time.

Product Manager, Enterprise SaaS

“My Remote CMO stepped up after we were funded. I always had an ally.”

I was exhilirated to find BBM Consulting Services. Their Remote CMO on-demand helped me plan our product launch, defined our strategy document, aquired assets, and made our data reporting fluid. Last minute, when it was time to build my executive team they defined who we should hire based upon brand goals. They even provided a referral list from their private network of professionals. I always had an ally.

CTO, Seattle Startup, Series A

“I launched my ecommerce brand site up and running in less than two weeks with BBM consulting”

It’s hard to not be impressed with BBM consulting flexibility and solutions. They guided me through the steps of launching my Shopify store. I am confident and comfortable. In a few Zoom chats I knew exactly what solution was needed and had a marketing plan day one to implement.

B-Corp, ECommerce, Product Design Director

We Test Technology on Humans for Human Responsiveness

Distinctive Competence 

We learned in the field you can’t market to your ideal segment if you don’t know their empathic needs. We invented, implemented, tested, and fine-tuned H.X.O. proprietary methodologies to embrace a 360-degree customer centric point of view with priority.

Through a hybrid mix of weighted data and empathy charting will define the actually user’s needs.

As an on-going procss. H.X.O. doesn’t only have to implmented for a launch but can be deployed through a whole product management lifecycle.



Choose An Engagement That Works For You


Solutions: Ad-Hoc On-Demand Advisement

Concierge – Consulting 

Sometimes you just need Solution “X” to solve Challenge “Y”.  We understand the complexities and are happy to provide hyper-specific customized solutions that fill an immediate need. Answer questions as they surface. Walk through solutions. Build out stacks. Review Brand strategy and GTM documents. 

Provide clarity and neutral / non-biased 3rd-party consult when needed.

Solutions: Project-Based – AGENCY VALUE

Core Offerings

Larger complex and long term challenges require more intensive care and long term project management solutions to achieve desired goals. Manage agency relationships and expectations. Review documents. Full Product Marketing, Research Topics, Report Analysis, UX Analysis, IXD Build outs, test your CX experience are longer engagements and popular amongst our core offerings. Due Diligence research. Market Validation. We align seamless with your intentions  in this arena.

Elements of Concierge Services

Being focused on end-to-end solutions have brought our clientele the most successes.

Tools in technology are ever changing, therefore we don’t limit the tools that we use to build a successful tech/product/marketing stacks. Optimization, Listening and an Empathic approach to future users who become customers is our overall goal.


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